Alt-Berg Leathers

“We have always used the very best British or European hides. We only used leather from the Pittards/Miers Tannery in Leeds (Yorkshire), however it was closed down around 2003/4, and since then we've worked with one tannery in the north of Italy - we've always worked with just one tannery - we don't ‘play the field’ to try to get the lowest possible price, we put quality first and if we must pay a premium for this then we will do so.

“Very little finish is used on Altberg leather to keep it as natural as possible. You may see slight surface marks or shade variation - these are natural and will not affect performance or durability. Around the foot area of the boot we always use top quality Anfibio water repellent leather.

“In the collar and tongue areas of the boot we use soft tanned full grain water repellent leather - the best quality European hides tanned to a supple finish whilst retaining strength and durability.”