Bootcare Advice - Leather Care

For a high shine finish use Leder Glös.

*Note – in adverse or wet conditions Leder Gris Original is better – it has more leather oil and is designed to waterproof and protect the leather in tough conditions.

Drying Leather When Wet

NEVER dry quickly

NEVER dry near heat

NEVER force dry in any way

NEVER store boots without first treating them with Leder-Gris or Leder-Bök

REMEMBER drying boots too quickly can shrink the boots (if you are in a very hot climate cover the boots with a damp cloth after you take them off to slow down the rate of moisture evaporation - e.g. Desert boots).

For suede/nubuck/fabric boots, we recommend only Leder-Bök. Use when boots are damp - slow down drying, especially in hot countries.

If leather is constantly going through a wet/dry cycle, hardening will eventually occur and flex cracking across the joint is inevitable. However, the time before this hardening/cracking occurs can be extended by regular use of Leder-Gris Wax (green label) and in more arduous conditions occasional use of Leder-Gris Xtreme (red label).


WE RECOMMEND REGULAR USE OF LEDER-GRIS GREEN LABEL WAX - it has been specifically developed for the type of water repellent leathers we use.

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU BRUSH IN LEDER-GRIS when the leather is just dry or almost dry. Use the brush to work the wax oils into the leather, brush vigorously to drive into and below the leather surface.