Leder-Gris® Xtreme


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Leder-Gris® Xtreme Clear – available colours: Clear, Black

Leder-Gris® Xtreme Clear – available colours: Clear, Black

Leder-Gris® Xtreme Black

Apply with a brush

Leder-Gris® Xtreme

Leder-Gris® Xtreme is a mixture of 50% oil, and 50% wax.  It is not recommended for everyday use.  Leder-Gris® Xtreme should be used as a restorative only.  If the leather has been extremely wet, or is getting regularly wet and dry, then hardening of the leather will begin, and this can result in early signs of cracking where the boot flexes.

Use of Leder-Gris® Xtreme softens the leather, and used correctly, it will extend the time before the leather begins to crack.

Leder-Gris® Xtreme is also good for using on heavy leathers, if you want to soften them a little.


Note: Use of Leder-Gris® Xtreme may darken the finish of the leather especially in the toe area or where the boot is scuffed or scratched.

High oil content: oils are restorative oils

Medium wax content: waxes are a mixture of synthetic waxes and bees

Occasional use only: to restore leather oils lost during drying out, after boots have been extremely wet

Not for regular everyday use: if used too often, Leder-Gris® Xtreme will over-soften leather – so only use if leather is getting regularly soaked


  • Size of tin 80gms
  • Not tested on animals
  • Flammable
  • Keep out of reach of children – if swallowed, seek medical advice
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth


  • Brush in Leder-Gris® when the boots are almost dry
  • Use the brush to work, and drive the wax oil into the leather
  • Always treat with Leder-Gris® before storage
  • If leather shows signs of hardening, or after use in extreme wet conditions, use Leder-Gris® Xtreme as a ‘one-off’ treatment

Altberg only recommends Leder-Gris® 

All leather will eventually show signs of cracking where the boot flexes. Treatment with Leder-Gris® will slow down the rate at which this cracking will occur.

Drying boots too quickly will harden the leather and accelerate flex cracking - rapid drying may also shrink the boot and alter the fitting. 

Always let boots dry naturally in a cool place.


  • Never dry quickly
  • Never dry near heat
  • Never dry, or leave in sunlight
  • Never force dry in any way
  • Drying boots too quickly can shrink them - if you're in a very hot climate, cover the boots with a damp cloth to slow down the rate of moisture evaporation
  • Use Leder-Gris Original (green label) regularly
  • Use Leder-Gris Xtreme (red label) occasionally





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How To Use Leder-Gris