Boot Testing

Many Alt-Berg boots, along with the materials and components used in the boots, are tested at Europe’s leading footwear technology centres. The boots and materials have received European Certification for use in the types of situations for which the boots have been designed, and developed.

Alt-Berg boots use materials and components approved by Europe’s top footwear testing and development bodies.

Alt-Berg is a member of SATRA (the Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association). SATRA is one of the major footwear technology centres in Europe, and the Senior Alt-Berg Bootmaker is a member of the committee for review of boot standards (BS7971-5)

Water repellency of boots is tested, using the SATRA TM230 Dynamic Water Resistance Test (100,000 flexes)

Flame resistance testing of Police Safety Patrol Boots (Violent Situations) – Peacekeeper P3VS

Sideways crush resistance testing, and Chisel Scuff Test (Clubman Roadster Motorcycle Boots – EN13634:2002/4.12 – transverse rigidity of footwear bottom)

Leather abrasion resistance testing, and flex resistance testing (Police/Military/Motorcycle Boots – EN ISO 20344:2011, BS7971-5:2002)

Police CE Marking details.