Extreme Use Situations

Wet Boots? Now it’s all about getting the water out…

Sometimes water in boots is unavoidable. In extreme situations, it’s all about getting the water back out

Defender Combat – Cambrelle® lined so they dry out more quickly

Boots with waterproof linings (e.g. Sympatex® or Goretex®, hold more water in the boot longer)

Boots with non-waterproof linings (e.g. Cambrelle® will dry more quickly, and retain less moisture)

In extreme situations, the Defender boot is designed for use with a waterproof (Sealskinz Merino wool type) sock

Pictured: Sealskinz® Merino wool waterproof sock with Alt-Berg Defender Boot. Cambrelle® lined - non-waterproof – fast drying and breathable

Toe depth has been increased to accommodate a good merino wool sock or waterproof Sealskinz type sock

In normal UK situations, the boot is designed to be worn with a good quality merino wool sock (e.g. Smartwool), but in extreme situations the boot will take a waterproof sock (e.g. Sealskinz Merino Wool)

Airgrid footbeds fitted as standard in all Alt-Berg Defender Combat Boot.

***Never force dry or expose to heat (e.g. radiators etc)

Airgrid footbed holes:

SATRA Tested – TM230 (2002) Dynamic Water Resistant Test

Alt-Berg Defender Combat Boot passes the SATRA TM230 (2002) Dynamic Water Resistance Test – 100,000 flexes in water

Boot is flexed 100,000 times in water – no evidence of leaking