Ladies Defender Combat Boot (MOD Brown)

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The Defender Combat Boot is the boot issued to serving UK Military Personnel for High Liability Combat Operations

Ladies Defender Combat Boot (MOD Brown)

UK Military Issue

Specifically developed for issue to UK Military.  The Defender Combat Boot is Cambrelle® lined – fast drying, and ultra breathable.  The sole has a micro shock absorbing midlayer, to reduce impact on joints when running.

Sizing and fitting is UK Military Specification.  3mm spacers (supplied with the boots) are used underneath the footbeds to ‘fine tune’ the fitting.  Click here for details of our UK Military Boot Fitting System.

Internal dimensions of the boot enable a Sealskinz® type sock to be worn in extreme situations.  Click here for details.

The leather is Anfibio, water repellent – and the boot passes the SATRA dynamic water resistance test at 100,000 flexes, for water resistance.  Most boots require a waterproof lining (i.e. Sympatex/Goretex) in order to pass this test.  For more information on boot testing, click here.

Defender Combat Boots have individual NATO stock numbers, and the boot is included on the NATO approved listings, to supply to NATO forces.  The numbers are individual for each boot, based on size, width, colour and gender.  For details of the NATO stock numbers, click here

Leather: Water repellent, Anfibio full grain leather 2.2-2.4mm 1st grade European hide

Lining: Cambrelle® breathable and more rapid drying – non waterproof

Midsole: Individually moulded for each size to give correct support / flex

Sole: Vibram® Tsavo – classic multi terrain tread.  Midlayer is shock absorbing micro to cushion impact when running.  With full rubber rand

Sizes: UK Military Spec – full sizes only – Female UK 3-9

Widths: Medium and Wide (Male and Female sizes) *Note - this is a specific military fitting, and is combined with the use of 3mm spacers, supplied with boots, to enable fit to be adjusted and ‘fine-tuned’ by the wearer – click here for further details 

Weight: 604gms (size 4)

Height: Female (size 4, includes heel) 20.0cms

NATO Stock Number: Click here for full listing

Waterproof Testing: SATRA TM230 Dynamic Water Resistance Test (100,000 flexes) – click here for details

Leder-Gris® Original or Leder-Glӧs® High Shine

Colour – MOD Brown or Clear

Apply with a brush

After 1 minute, brush vigorously with same brush

Leather does not have to be completely dry before applying Leder-Gris®.  Leder-Gris® may still be applied when leather is a little damp.

If leather is constantly going through a cycle of wet and dry, or if there are signs of ‘leather hardening’, which can lead to ‘flex cracking’ – apply an occasional, ‘one-off’ treatment of Leder-Gris® Xtreme.

The Defender Combat Boot (High Liability) is issued by UK MOD to Serving Personnel – for more information, contact your QM Department, or email the factory direct.