Lady Sneeker® Elite (MOD Brown)


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Genuine ladies fit – lightweight, shock absorbing tabbing boot. Lining is non waterproof Cambrelle® which is ultra breathable, and dries out more rapidly.

Lady Sneeker® Elite (MOD Brown)

Genuine ladies fit – lightweight, shock absorbing tabbing boot.  Lining is non-waterproof Cambrelle® which is ultra breathable, and dries out more rapidly.

The key feature of this boot is the specific ladies fit – which uses a new last – unique to Altberg®, and the result of 3 years of development.

The upper design is also made to suit the female user – it is more lightweight, with a lower leg, and good shock absorption during heel strike.

Leather: Soft, supple, lightweight Nida full grain 1.6-1.8mm 1st quality European hides

Lining: Cambrelle® non- waterproof, fully breathable – more rapid drying out

Midsole: Individually moulded for each size to give correct support / flex

Sole: Vibram® Masai micro with shock absorbing, lightweight midlayer

Sizes: UK 3-9 (inc ½ sizes)

Widths: A-Forme® ladies

Weight: 562gms (size 6)

Height: 19.0cms (size 6, including heel)

Leder-Gris® Original or Leder-Glӧs® High Shine

Colour – MOD Brown or Clear

Apply with a brush

After 1 minute, brush vigorously with same brush

Leather does not have to be completely dry before applying Leder-Gris®.  Leder-Gris® may still be applied when leather is a little damp

If leather is constantly going through a cycle of wet and dry, or if there are signs of ‘leather hardening’, which can lead to ‘flex cracking’ – apply an occasional, ‘one-off’ treatment of Leder-Gris® Xtreme

Delivery of boots, if they are available ex-stock is 5-7 days.  If your size is temporarily out of stock, then delivery will usually be between 2 and 8 weeks – please check with the factory if your requirement is urgent.

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