“Our fitting system was developed in our factory many years ago. It is the classic English system, and comprises English sizes 3-15 (including half sizes), together with 5 width fitting volumes. A total of 115 different fittings!!!

“We didn’t do it as a marketing ploy – we developed the fitting system because we were aware that there were many people with very high volume, or very low volume feet, who had genuine difficulty with boot fitting… there is no such thing as one fitting system that ‘fits all’ – but the Altberg system certainly enabled our Premier Retailers to fit boots successfully to over 70% of customers. There is no other system anywhere in the world to compare with Altberg’s 5 width, English system. We have kept using it because we are bootmakers who understand our own fitting system and simply wanted to fit boots better, and our Premier Retailers are all factory trained, to ensure that they offer the very best in boot fitting.

Our Premier Retailers don’t have all sizes in all styles ‘in stock’ – it would be impossible to stock so many boots. However, most Premier Retailers carry at least 2 styles, or at least 4 width fittings – and widths/styles they may not stock can be ordered by them from the factory.

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