The Malham Ladies Boot

2-3 Season Lightweight Ergonomic A-Forme® Walking Boot


The Malham Ladies Boot

2-3 Season Lightweight Ergonomic A-Forme® Walking Boot

The Malham Ladies lightweight walking boot is made on Altberg’s ergonomic A-Forme® last.  The last was developed following 3 years of research into foot types and the way the foot changes during the walking cycle.

The forefoot is asymmetric shaped and the heel is close fitting, with the instep contoured to excellent foot support and control.

The leather is Nappone – soft, supple,  water repellent, full grain leather.

The midsole is 3 season with good torsional resistance.  Flex resistance is suitable for mixed terrain hill walking, and the sole is Vibram® Masai, with a micro midlayer to give shock absorption on rough and hard terrain.

The boot is extremely lightweight and a full rubber scuff resistant rand protects the lower part of the boot leather.


Leather: Nappone 1.6-1.8mm, soft, supple, full grain, water repellent, lightweight, grade A selection – European hide  

Lining: Sympatex® plus, waterproof, breathable membrane lining

Midsole: 3 season, controlled flex, developed for use on mixed terrain

Sole: Vibram® Masai/Micro – lightweight with shock absorbing micro midlayer

Sizes: 3-8.5 (inc ½ sizes)

Widths: Ergonomic A-Forme® ladies

Weight: 532gms (size 6)

Height: 12.8cms (size 6, including heel)

Leder-Gris® Original or Leder-Glӧs® High Shine

Colour – MOD Brown or Clear

Apply with a brush

After 1 minute, brush vigorously with same brush

Leather does not have to be completely dry before applying Leder-Gris®.  Leder-Gris® may still be applied when leather is a little damp

If leather is constantly going through a cycle of wet and dry, or if there are signs of ‘leather hardening’, which can lead to ‘flex cracking’ – apply an occasional, ‘one-off’ treatment of Leder-Gris® Xtreme.

All Altberg boots can be resoled at the factory, using the original lasts.  It is very important that resoling is carried out on the original lasts – the last helps the boot keep it’s shape, and correct fitting during the resole process.  It also enables the new sole to be pressed correctly, so the bonding of the sole to the upper takes place evenly over the whole of the sole and the sole edge.

For full details of the factory resole service, contact your Altberg Premier Retailer.