Svartz Technical Footbeds

Svartz Anatomical Footbeds are designed and manufactured to stabilise the heel and rear of the foot while running and walking. This gives improved foot comfort with maximum cushioning underfoot reducing impact on joints and ligaments during foot travel.

The Anatomix Lite uses a 3D design to give maximum heel and rear foot stabilization, keeping your foot and ankle aligned. With extended inside arch support with Kevlar-sling absorption to ensure your foot is protected on every heel strike.

The Memorex footbed is constructed using a layer of memory foam which will adapt to the users foot absorbing and spreading the pressure under the foot when running, tabbing or walking.

The Anatomic Absorber has a 3d underfoot shape to support the whole foot, along with maximum cushioning. Originally designed for military use, this hardwearing insole provides ankle and heel stabilisation and increased metatarsal shock absorption for running and walking.

Anatomic Absorber
Anatomix Lite®