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Bootcare Advice

All leather will eventually show signs of cracking where the boot leather flexes, however, drying boots too quickly may shrink the boots and will also harden the leather and accelerate flex cracking – regular treatment of Leder-Gris will extend the time before cracking occurs. 

Altberg recommend only Leder-Gris for use on their boots. We do not recommend dubbins, saddle soaps, oils, or any shoe-type polishes. 

Leather Treatment

We recommend regular use of Leder-Gris wax-oil, it has been specifically developed for the type of water repellent leathers we use. 

We recommend that you brush in Leder-Gris when the leather is almost dry. Use a brush to work the wax-oils into the leather, and brush vigorously to drive into and below the leather surface, pay particular attention to the flex area and stitched seams at the base of the tongue. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the stitching, this helps avoid abrasion of the stitched seams and sustains waterproofing. Always wax behind the heel tab in the flex area at the back of the collar. .

If boots squeak, it is usually the leather in the upper area of the folded tongue. Apply plenty of Leder-Gris to the area. .

Prevent Hardening/Cracking Of Leather

If leather is constantly going through a wet/dry cycle, hardening will eventually occur and flex cracking across the joint is inevitable. 

However, correct and constant use of Leder-Gris will extend the time before which flex cracking will occur. In more arduous conditions we recommend occasional use of Leder-Gris Xtreme, this will soften the leather, and used correctly, it will extend the time before the leather begins to crack. 

Drying Leather When Wet

Wet leather opens up (burns) more easily – this means it becomes brittle, and can crack. Treat boots constantly with Leder-Gris, especially when damp, and during drying. Always dry slowly, in a cool place away from heat, direct sunlight or central heating.

NEVER dry quickly.
NEVER dry near heat.
NEVER force dry in any way.
NEVER leave in direct sunlight.
ALWAYStreat boots with Leder-Gris or Leder-Bök before storage .

High Shine

For a high shine finish we recommend Leder-Glös. 

In adverse or wet conditions Leder-Gris Original is better, it has more leather oil and is designed to waterproof and protect the leather in tough conditions. 

Regular use of Leder-Glӧs will eventually increase leather hardness, this is due to lower levels of conditioning oils. If leather shows signs of hardening or flex cracking, use a single treatment of Leder-Gris Xtreme – this will darken the colour, but it will help restore leather oils and delay the rate at which cracking will occur. 

Hot Climates – Suede & Nubuk

REMEMBER drying boots too quickly can shrink the boots. .

If you are in a very hot climate cover the boots with a damp cloth after you take them off to slow down the rate of moisture evaporation - e.g. suede or nubuk boots. Spray boots with Leder-Bök before use, especially in the seams and where the boot flexes.

NEVER dry near heat.
NEVER force dry in any way.
NEVER leave boots in direct sunlight.
ALWAYS dry slowly, in the shade.
ALWAYS treat boots with Leder-Bök before use.