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Hot Climates Suede/Desert Boots

Suede/Desert Boots - Drying Out + Treatment Video

In this video the Altberg bootmaker shares his experience of problems that can occur with suede boots in hot climates - and the need for retention of some moisture in the boot where ambient temperature, even in shade, is higher.

REMEMBER drying boots too quickly can shrink the boots. .

If you are in a very hot climate cover the boots with a damp cloth after you take them off to slow down the rate of moisture evaporation - e.g. suede or nubuk boots. Spray boots with Leder-Bök before use, especially in the seams and where the boot flexes.

NEVER dry near heat.
NEVER force dry in any way.
NEVER leave boots in direct sunlight.
ALWAYS dry slowly, in the shade.
ALWAYS treat boots with Leder-Bök before use.