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CE Boot Testing


Peacekeeper P1 - BS EN 20347:2012
Peacekeeper P1 Aqua - BS EN 20347:2012
Peacekeeper P3 Safety - BS EN 20345:2012
Peacekeeper P3 Aqua - BS EN 20345:2012
Peacekeeper P3 VS - BS EN 7971-5:2016
Peacekeeper P3 VS Aqua - BS EN 7971-5:2016
Field & Fell Original - BS EN 20347:2012
Sneeker Aqua - BS EN 20347:2012
Jutland - BS EN 20347:2012
Blueline - BS EN 20347:2012
Blueline Aqua - BS EN 20347:2012

Defender DK - BS EN 20347:2012
Military Ops - BS EN 20347:2012
Military Ops Aqua - BS EN 20347:2012
Delta Tactical (Nubuck) - BS EN 20347:2012
Kven - Cold Wet Weather - BS EN 20347:2012

Falcon Pilots Boot Mk 3 - Specification and testing certification available on request - Telephone factory direct

Roadrunner - BS EN 13634:2012 2-2-2
Bahn Rider - BS EN 13634:2012 2-2-2
Clubman Roadster - BS EN 13634:2012 2-2-2

If you require full details of tests on any of the above styles contact the factory - 01748 850615 / 824717

Established in 1919 SATRA are one of the oldest and most highly respected testing organisations in the world. Unlike some boot companies, Altberg do not carry out ‘in house’ certification. All Altberg boots are tested independently to maintain the integrity of the footwear.

Altberg are silver members of the UK’s leading footwear testing laboratory, SATRA (Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association), Northamptonshire. The Altberg Senior Bootmaker has served as a member of committees for review of boot standards (most recently the review of BS7971-5)

WRU—Water Resistant Testing: the standard method used by Altberg is the SATRA TM230 Dynamic Water Resistance Test (100,000 flexes). For some styles Altberg use a higher level of testing (e.g. 300,000 flexes).

FRU—Flame Resistant Testing: tested using the Firefighters standard EN ISO 15090, and the newer standard for violent situations use BS 7971-5:2016.

TR—Transverse Rigidity Testing: Motorcycle boots.

AR—Abrasion Resistance Testing: Leather abrasion resistance testing.