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Getting a High Shine on Leather


Leder Glös Treatment Video

In this video the Altberg bootmaker demonstrates and gives practical advice on how to get a high shine on leather boots. He also discusses the 'pros and cons' of a high shine versus water repellency and breathability of anfibio leathers.

For a high shine finish we recommend Leder-Glös.

In adverse or wet conditions Leder-Gris Original is better, it has more leather oil and is designed to waterproof and protect the leather in tough conditions.

Regular use of Leder-Glӧs will eventually increase leather hardness, this is due to lower levels of conditioning oils. If leather shows signs of hardening or flex cracking, use a single treatment of Leder-Gris Xtreme – this will darken the colour, but it will help restore leather oils and delay the rate at which cracking will occur.

NEVER dry near heat.
NEVER force dry in any way.
NEVER leave boots in direct sunlight.
ALWAYS dry slowly, in the shade.
ALWAYS treat boots with Leder-Bök before use.