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Our Lasts

It is the last, the footshape on which the boot is made, that determines the fitting and comfort. All feet are different, so one shape of last cannot suit everybody, that’s why we make different shapes and width fittings. We train our retailers during their visits to our factory, so that they understand our different lasts, footshapes and fittings.

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5 Width fitting

The Altberg 5 width last is a classic hiking boot foot shape. This last was so successful that in 1994 it was developed into 5 width/volume fittings. For the past 20 years it has provided a solution for many walkers who often despaired of finding a comfortable fit.

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The AForme refers to the more asymmetric shape of this last. Many of the features are taken from running shoe characteristics, a narrower heel and waist to hold and support the rear of the foot, an increased upwards toe lift, reduced sideways pressure on the large toe, and a wider forefoot with slightly above medium volume.

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Volume and width of this last is much higher than average, especially around the forefoot. The foot shape is asymmetric and the heel is a medium size, to keep heel support good and snug.

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The SFit is similar to the AForme last, it has an asymmetrical footshape, but the last was made for a shoe not a boot.
Shoes made on the S Fit last are intended to be worn with a thinner sock (liner sock weight). We recommend smartwool liner socks - very thin merino wool.

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The 5 width fitting lasts

The A forme lasts