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trim to fit instructions

Step One

First, check the old footbed is a good fit, remove old footbed from the boot.

Step Two

If the old footbed is a good fit, use it to mark a trimming line on to the new Svartz footbed.

Step Three

The line should be clearly marked, add a little bit if the old footbed was too small. Reduce a little bit if the old footbed was too tight

Step Four

Use scissors to trim the Svartz footbed to the required size.

Step Five

Don’t cut too much – a full half size is only 6mm! If unsure, trim a bit at a time, you can always trim more off, but can’t add it back on.

Step Six

Put the trimmed footbed into the boot to replace the old footbed. CHECK THE FIT – If it is still too tight, mark and trim a little more.

washing instructions

Clean by rubbing gently with a sponge, hot water and normal soap, then rinse the footbed surface under a running tap.

This will help flush out any salts which may have been absorbed into the footbed fabric.

In extreme conditions the footbed can also be machine washed – on a cool wash – maximum temperature 30°c.

drying instructions

Allow to dry naturally in a cool place.

DO NOT put near heat

DO NOT dry on a radiator

DO NOT tumble dry

DO NOT dry in sunlight

DO NOT put near heat - excessive heat will damage the footbeds.