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Improvement born out of necessity - Altberg‘s new 3D foot scanner

Altberg invests in 3D foot scanner

  • 13 April 2021
  • Author: Joe Willis
  • Number of views: 5105
Improvement born out of necessity - Altberg‘s new 3D foot scanner

Altberg was born in 1989 out of necessity when the shoe factory in Richmond closed and we were all made redundant.

Many of the best changes in Altberg since then have also been born out of necessity.

During the first pandemic lockdown we had a challenge in our factory shop: how could we measure customers feet whilst still maintaining social distance?

We were aware that one of our retailers in the Netherlands was using a 3D foot scanner and for him it was working very successfully. 

So we contacted him and got the details and bought one.

It has worked out brilliantly we get far more information now about the customers fitting and we found it’s made a huge improvement to the whole process of boot sizing

We have taken more than 2,000 scans since the high-tech equipment was purchased in June last year.

The device takes a 3D image of the customer's feet and a number of measurements needed by our bootmakers to ensure a good fit for a custom pair of boots.

As well as giving an accurate foot size for each foot, the scanner can measure ball width, arch height, instep height and heel width.

The information appears instantly on a tablet in the Altberg shop. This then allows our boot fitters to make an assessment, and discuss fitting options with the customer taking their needs and preferences into account.

The measurements can be kept on file should the customer need a new pair of boots and not be able to visit the shop.

Previously, we — like other shoe retailers and manufacturers — would rely on a Brannock device to measure customers' feet.

It has proved a huge success. The customer simply takes their boots off, stands on the scanner and we get the measurements instantly while stood at a safe distance.

We can then wipe the machine down and it's ready for the next customer.

We think the device is only one of two currently being used in the country.

Altberg's factory shop is now open 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday with social distancing measures in place.

Customers wanting a boot fitting are asked to book an appointment if possible.

To book an appointment, call 01748 826922, or do so using the link below - 




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