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Dutch Marines wearing Altberg boots break world speed marching marathon

Dutch Marines break world record in Altberg boots

  • 29 April 2021
  • Author: Joe Willis
  • Number of views: 5243
Dutch Marines wearing Altberg boots break world speed marching marathon

A team of eight Dutch Marines wearing Altberg boots has broken the world record for the fastest marathon while speed marching.

The soldiers completed the 26.2 miles in three hours 58 minutes and 55 seconds - beating the previous record by more than 18 minutes which was set by a team of British Marines in 2017.

The soldiers chose to take on the challenge while wearing Altberg's Sneeker boots because they wanted a lightweight boot, with the soldiers declaring that they needed the "best boot" for such a difficult test.

The team was supplied with the boots by Altberg's Dutch stockist, Noorloos Specialist Equipment.

Jan Noorloos, from Noorloos Specialist Equipment receives recognition for supporting the world record attempt.


The soldiers had their feet scanned using Noorloos' 3D foot scanner to ensure the boots were the best possible fit. 

The same model of 3D scanner is also available to measure customers' feet when they visit the Altberg factory shop in Richmond.

The Dutch soldiers trained for more than a year and a half before taking on the challenge.

They raised more than 100,000 Euros for seriously ill colleagues by breaking the record.

The world record attempt is featured in a documentary called You'll Never Walk Alone, which is currently being screened on Dutch TV. 


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