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Altberg boots in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia

Ethiopian rangers use Altberg boots

  • 11 May 2021
  • Author: Joe Willis
  • Number of views: 1694
Altberg boots in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia

This photo shows Bale Mountain ranger Geda Kabeto wearing Altberg Warrior boots.

A short time ago we received an order for 200 pairs of Warrior boots to be sent to the park rangers Ethiopian national park.

The supply of the boots was part of a project by the Frankfurt Zoological Society to support the rangers and their communities in the park, a protected area of 2200 km² in the Ethiopian highlands.

It is a place of exceptional biodiversity.

The plateau lies at about 4000m above sea level and is the largest remaining area of Afro-Alpine habitat. Many species of plant and animal occur only in the Bale Mountains ecosystem and are endemic to Ethiopia.

Among them are the highly endangered Ethiopian wolf and Bale monkey. The Bale Mountains are also home to one of only three remaining groups of forest dwelling lions in Africa.

Ethiopian wolf. 

The Bale Mountains Ecosystem is vital to humans as a catchment area, it supplies perennial water to approximately 12 million people in the lowlands of Southern Ethiopia Somalia and Northern Kenya.

The Bale Mountains.

Human population and domestic animals are exerting extreme pressure on the ecosystem settlements and livestock grazing is damaging the fragile habitat.

The rangers provide training and start-up support for local handicraft artisans, beekeepers, highland fruit and forage producers, to help promote alternative livelihoods.

To find out more about the Frankford zoological Society and the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia click here.

For more details on Altberg's Warrior boots click here.


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