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Altberg's Fremington scores top marks in BBC Countryfile Magazine eco-friendly boot review

Fremington scores top marks in BBC review

  • 24 May 2021
  • Author: Joe Willis
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Altberg's Fremington scores top marks in BBC Countryfile Magazine eco-friendly boot review

Altberg's Fremington boot has been awarded top marks and named as a "favourite" in a boot kit test in the May edition of the BBC Countryfile Magazine.

The magazine chose the boot ahead of number of others in a review of eco-friendly lightweight boots.

Reviewer Julie Brominicks said Altberg was a Yorkshire bootmaking company that "knew what it was doing".

She added: "Experiences has resulted in an exquisitely engineered blend of sturdiness and comfort.

"These are boots to rely on, to cherish and to polish (frequently with Altberg's Leder-Gris, a water-repellent wax-oil), to bounce in for miles day after day, over scree, streams, rocks, bogs and tussocks with excellent stability and ankle support."

The review points out that the boots are waterproof thanks to the SympaTex lining, free of harmful PFC and PTFE chemicals.

The review said the boots were a "joy to walk in", adding: "As the complete country walking package, these boots are to be cherished.

"Fremington boots are exquisitely engineered with wonderful sizing options."

SympaTex — a key eco-friendly lining and waterproof membrane.  


The Altberg senior bootmaker recalled that SympaTex was created in 1986 by the Akzo Nobel Group. Altberg was founded three years later and was the first bootmaker to adopt the SympaTex as their lining.

The name SympaTex comes from the two words — Sympathetic and Textile. The lining is sympathetic to the environment as it is made from recycled textiles.

Most top brands of boots continue to use a waterproof lining made of PTFE which produces harmful emissions during manufacture. These PFC's are widely acknowledged to cause long-term damage to the environment. 

In 1989 Altberg chose SympaTex because it is manufactured using recycled materials and the membrane is non-PTFE and it is biodegradable. It is possible to combine sustainability with performance. 



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