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Lucy Shepherd - Explorer - The Crossing of the Kanuku Mountains East to West - Altberg Panama Lite Jungle Boot

Lucy Shepherd - The Crossing of the Kanuku Mountains

  • 7 March 2022
  • Author: Louisa Riggs
  • Number of views: 2599
Lucy Shepherd - Explorer - The Crossing of the Kanuku Mountains East to West - Altberg Panama Lite Jungle Boot

The Crossing of the Kanuku Mountains of Guyana from east to west is a journey no one has ever attempted, let alone completed, this has now changed. Between October and December 2021, the British Explorer Lucy Shepherd did a full crossing of the Kanuku Mountain range from Essequibo to the Savanna.

Lucy Shepherd stands at the forefront of modern exploration having completed over 20 expeditions traversing mountain ranges, tropical rainforests, and arctic tundra.
At the age of just 23 she became a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (est 1830) and the youngest ever elected council member of the Scientific Exploration Society (est 1982).

In December 2021 Lucy Shepherd (wearing Altberg’s Panama Lite Jungle Boots) completed the east-west crossing of the Kanuku mountains, deep in the heart of Guyana. The area is part of the Amazon tropical rainforest biome, the big wild mountains are mostly unexplored and filled with life. (Making it obvious where they got the nickname “The Mountains of Life).

The Kanuku Mountains (6110 km²) are Guyana’s largest protected area. The mountains thrive with Guyana’s giants -  the Giant Otter - The Goliath “bird eating” Spider - Giant Anteaters - Anacondas - Jaguars - and so much more….

“I wore the Panama Lite Jungle boots for 50 days non-stop during my Amazon uncharted expedition. My feet were submerged in water for most of the 50 days and I can truthfully say that these boots kept my feet from rotting. They took in water but would quickly empty and air - I was under the canopy, so they did not have a chance to dry, but they held up and showed no sign of disintegration, and on top of that I never had a blister”.

“The toughness of the boots saved me from having my toes sliced off, when one of my team members machete flew out of his hand and landed on my foot. The boot suffered a major slice to the toe cap but not enough to go through. It was a PHEW moment !!!!”

“I would not go to the jungle without a pair of Altberg‘s - they are the best out there”.

“Grandiose Expeditions might make me look like an explorer, but it wouldn’t allow me to demonstrate the fragility of our planet, or humanity‘s responsibility to protect it“.














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